mB12 deficiency has also been shown
to be involved with a great number of
conditions including those listed here:
Improved ability to process sounds and modulate background noise
Speech (finding words, apraxia, articulation, etc.)
Sleep Regulation
ADHD symptoms
Modulation of light
Autoimmune symptoms
Visual and Auditory Processing
Viewing Color
Neurotransmitter function
Inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia
Viral Infections
Chemical Sensitivity
Assisting in nerve growth
Irritable Bowel
Chronic Fatigue
Blocking the effects of ethanol
Depth Perception
Night vision
Greatly reduces the desire for alcohol, coffee, marijuana, methamphetamines,
and possibly many other addictive drugs and behavior
Eye or muscle “twittering”
Nail biting
revitaPOP: The Vitamin B12 Lollipop
Energy. Focus. Wellbeing.
Starts Working in Minutes and Lasts for Hours
revitaPOP is a simple, convenient and easy way to effectively replenish your body with Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin or mB12) without the pain of a B12 shot.
Doctors know the health benefits of vitamin B12 and have administered vitamin B12 shots to patients for years with remarkable results. The B12 shots, however, do not always raise mB12 levels, require a prescription and can be painful and expensive.
revitaPOP combats the typical absorption challenges of mB12 through its novel delivery method that allows the mB12 to be absorbed directly through the trigeminal nerve in the tongue, increasing both the absorption time and effectiveness.
mB12 is the only neurologically active version of Vitamin B12. and deficiency can affect vision, intestinal function, the ability to protect against infections and toxins, nerve functioning, and DNA replication.
revitaPOP in the Community
revitaPOP supports people with disabilities and other special needs as they work to redefine “disability.” With each bag of revitaPOPs that is packed, sorted and shipped, we are helping employ individuals with developmental disabilities, brain injury, autism and other special needs. At the same time, revitaPOP is also improving their opportunities for self-sufficiency at work, at home, and in the community. Your orders with revitaPOP allow us to continue working with these individuals as they reach for their dreams. Thank you.
revitaPOP is an active supporter of Generation Rescue and its Rescue Family initiative. revitaPOP donates a portion of its proceeds, as well as product, to the Rescue Family program.
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