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Documented Benefits of Methycobalamin in Peer-Reviewed Publications:

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Efficacy of revitaPOP via Quantitative Electroencephalograph and standardized Low Resolution Electromagnentic Tomography Evaluation

A quantitative electroencephalography (QEEG) and standardized low resolution electromagmetic tomography (LRET) evaluation were performed on an 8 year old male with an ASD diagnosis. The QEEG and LRET evaluations were performed prior to adminstration of the revitaPOP, and again 45 minutes after administration. Following adminstration, the patients atypical frequency maxima, became midly atypical, the theta/beta ratio dropped from 12.0 to 7.0, the elevations of delta and alpha waves were less severe, and all instances of hyper coherence across all electrode pairs was eliminated.

The initial evaluation indicated atypical frequency maxima distribution with a presence of delta in the left and right parietal sites. The theta/beta power ratio at site C/Z in the eyes closed condition was found to be 12.0. Normative database comparison analysis indicates elevations of delta and theta across the anterior and central sites and elevations of alpha in the parietal and right temporal site. There were hyper coherence findings across all electrode pairs. These patterns are consistent between the eyes closed and eyes open conditions however in the eyes open condition the theta/beta power ratio does decrease as does the alpha elevations indicating alpha reactants to eye opening.

Pre Administration QEEG - Theta/Beta Ratio - Eyes Closed
V = P([Theta 4-7.5 Hz]) / P([Beta 13-21 Hz])

Following the revitaPOP adminstration, the QEEG spectral analysis indicated mildly atypical distribution of delta with a secondary focus at electrode site P4. The theta/beta power ratio at site CZ in the eyes closed condition dropped to 7.0. Normative database comparison analysis indicated mild elevations of delta in the parietal site, mild elevations of theta and alpha in the occipital and right parietal sites. These findings are consistent across both the eyes open and eyes closed condition, however in the eyes open condition normative database comparison analysis illustrates elevations predominantly of elevated delta diffusely across the cortex, elevations of anterior theta and occipital alpha.

Post Administration QEEG - Theta/Beta Ratio - Eyes Closed
V = P([Theta 4-7.5 Hz]) / P([Beta 13-21 Hz])

The full reports both pre and post administration can be found here: Pre Administration, Post Administration

revitaPOP compared to MB12 Injections  for Autism

MB12 has been used most often in the subcutaneous injection form (small needles injecting MB12 into body fat).

In the MB12 Parent Group there are polls that show some children respond better to the shots and some children respond better to the the revitaPOP.

The Autism Research Institute Parent Report (Form 34) has only collected a small number of reports that show how many children with autism respond to MB12.

Effects of MB12

Based on video observation and QEEG monitoring, typical effects of MB12 may begin to occur within minutes (sometimes seconds) of the application. An experiment on QEEG activity showed changes almost instantly after MB12 administration. On video, Stan has recorded many subjects feeling better often within minutes and sometimes seconds. Most adults report that any improvements from MB12 occur within the first hour of administration.

The average administration seems to last about 24 hours, but every person is different. Some people that seem to become depleted of MB12 in hours, others seem to feel the benefits for days. Very interestingly, we see reports that for some people the need for MB12 decreases as time goes on. Additionally, the reduction of milk and wheat products, lessening complex carbohydrates and starches and improvements to intestinal flora may decrease the need for MB12. Some people, as in Stan's case, have reported that their need for MB12 completely diminishes over time.

QEEG Activity

In March of 2006, MB12 was shown to seemingly improve brain waves of a 23 year old male. Testing included pre testing and 3 post tests including one immediately after administration. All test showed a dramatic lessoning of theta wave activity (3.5-7.5 Hz) and activity in the entire brain increased, while the subject was observed to be more relaxed and attentive. A more detailed report of this experiment is available here. This experiment was monitored by Jack Johnstone PhD from Q-Metrx.

QEEG theta wave activity before and after nasal MB12
University Study of MB12

Stan began meeting with the ADHD research team at UCLA to present his finding on MB12. After much work, an IRB approved pilot study of MB12. Additionally a study is planned at California State Northridge.

SPECT Activity

In March of 2007, MB12 was shown to seemingly greatly improve brain blood flow of a 53 year old mom of two children personally struggling with symptoms of brain fog, trouble finding words, memory issues, attention issues and several other chronic symptoms. In the post testing, this individual was sprayed with MB12 50 minutes prior to the SPECT isotope being administered. In addition to the obvious temporal lobe improvement, the frontal lobes dramatically normalized (see the black circle markers on the interactive view). This single person experiment was monitored by J. Michael Uszler M.D. at Santa Monica Imaging.


In addition to the MB12 recovery videos at www.recoveryvideos.com, there are hundreds of reports on our health web listserve and a short public list as well. Literally tens of thousands of people are reporting on the benefits of supplementing with MB12.


Using neurons from rats, they showed that MeB12 increases the length of axons, the formation of neurites, and increases resistance to apoptosis. Together these effects indicate a significant role in development of networks among neurons. MeB12 was the best form of cobalamin for doing this, although others had activity, presumably because they were converted to MeCbl. They also showed that the effects of MeB12 reflected increased methylation, and adding SAM had similar, but weaker effects. MeB12 increased activation of the MAP kinase and PI3 kinase signaling pathways, indicating that it mimics the effects of neurotrophic growth factors. Finally, MeB12 improved the repair of transsected nerves as well as improved functional recovery of motor activity, in conjunction with increased myelination.

All together a pretty impressive array of effects.

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